Attract Mode +Themes

New  White Entertainment Center Theme

New  Dark Entertainment Center Theme

New  Desk With Monitor Theme

New  Big Screen TV With 3 Extra Themes

New  Fanart With 1 Extra Theme

Free Builds

Consoles Unleased 4,175 Games 33.8gb

Fight Night Cloned to AM+ 42 Fighting Games And 5 Themes 01-28-2024

NEW   Street Fighter Cloned to AM+ 15  Games And 2 Themes 03-16-2024

NEW 249 Arcade Games With Big Screen TV Theme 03-11-2024

NEW  NIN-vs-Sega 2,902 Console Games With Entertainment Theme 03-17-2024

                                    Street Fighter Comes With 50 Games                                                                                                                     Mortal Kombat Comes With 19 Games

Use 7zip To Unpack

Plugin Your Joystick And Go

Left/Right To Scroll Games

Up/Down To Scroll Systems

RB Button To Read Stories On Games

Y Button To Change Themes

A Button To Start Game

Start/Select Button To Exit Games

B Button To Exit AM

NEW  03-30-2024 /  Big CoverTheme  Build With 89 Fighting Games

Attract Mode + (Github)

Frontends & Plugins

AM+ Version 3.0.8 (Build 459)


Fix Anti-Aliasing on Nvidia by disabling forced Anti-Aliasing Gamma Correction in the driver

Fix navigation issues and crashes when a display has 0 filters defined

Fix the execution order of signal callbacks

Fix disappearing event sound mappings when Sound Volume is set to 0

Fix deleting a display. Deleting a display was causing copying properties of just deleted display into a next display and saving it to attract.cfg

Modules And Plugins Updated 12-26-2023

NEW This is a plugin to have custom fades and sounds goin and coming from game... is like RL
is a large file because it includes all the needed media but you can customize as well.. Theres a read me file.
works perfect on Attract-Mode Plus v3.0.6 ( Build 385 ) and above. By AlexDC22 Thank You Brother For This

TOOLS 04-14-2024

*Updated* Romlists Editor (Columns)

Antivirus is a False Positive

Click Open File
Find Your Romlists text That You Want To Edit

Click The Dropdown Arrow To Choose Your Column
Once Its Highlighted
Type In The Info You Want Below In The Textbox

Then Click The Add Text To Column Button To Add The New Name

Then Click The Save Changes Button.

You Can Also Edit The List In The Big Listbox.

Use 7Zip To Unzip Files (Click on The Picture for The Link)

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